Me and My Community

06 April 2017

Countries Egypt, Romania, Hungry, Turkey, Brussels, Georgia, Bulgaria came together to understand how they can make an impact on their community.  Shared previous experiences of community social action in their country and how they can increase their activity in their community.  42 young people got involved in local projects in Brighton UK.  They included clearing and planting for a local allotment space, promoting a local farmers market and raising the awareness of the needs of refugees.


The top 5 things that the participants enjoyed the most were:

  •  Social action projects
  • Intercultural evenings, making new friends
  • Improving English
  • Having the opportunity to speak to local people
  • Exploring the city of Brighton

“Me & My Community project has been an awesome youth exchange.  The participants all get along very well and produce great work as a team.  The difference this project has made not only on us but the people in Brighton has made it worthwhile”.


“Rose are red, Violets are blue, our community will improve thanks to you”.


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