July is...

07 July 2015

July is National Ice Cream Month; Make a Difference to Children Month and Family Reunion Month.  There are also 20 recognised special days.  A young person on work experience at Medway Youth Trust, Meher Khushal, decided to communicate her understandings of Make a Difference to Children Month:

During my week at Medway Youth Trust, I undertook the task of presenting the Equality and Diversity Board for Make a Difference to Children Month. I found this project interesting because not only was I able to strengthen my creativity skills, I was able to present the information I researched in any way I liked. Furthermore, it made me more aware of the work MYT does for young people and why Make a Difference to Children month is so important, especially in today’s day and age.

My task for this week meant that I was mostly researching on the internet about this particular month. As it is actually a month mostly celebrated in America, it gave me a chance to raise awareness of the importance of this day to people here in Medway as well. What I enjoyed most about this task was being able to see the sort of things which are open to young people in Medway such as the Hoo Peninsula Youth Projects, the Cyber Youth Connection Project and the Medway Children Action Network.

What I also further realised is that it is not only children in the UK who need a difference made to their lives, it is children in developing countries too. For example, an interesting but sad statistic I found is that all together there are 1 billion children in poverty worldwide. This is a startling figure which made me further understand why Make a Difference to a Child month is something which needs to made more forefront in our society today. As well as this, most of these children have not ever been given an opportunity or a chance to have a better life, like some disadvantaged children have had here. I feel as if this strengthens the level of significance of why Make a Difference to a Child month is so crucial.

The way I decided to communicate E+D’s focus was through their notice board in the reception. I chose to highlight on the points of why Make a Difference to a Child is an important month and what people can do to help and get involved in making a difference to a child’s life. What I wanted to make most significant is how people can get directly involved in Medway. I also thought it would be a good idea to get some firsthand opinions on why people believe this month should exist. I felt by doing so it would really help to open people’s eyes as to why protecting the children of today is such a vital thing, especially as they are seen as a vulnerable group in society.

Overall, I feel as if my work experience here at Medway Youth Trust has been beneficial in allowing me to undertake work-related learning, all the while learning something new. It has allowed me to broaden my understanding of why the Equality and Diversity Team at MYT are so essential in bringing people together in today’s world.


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