Data protection

We endorse the principle of confidentiality described in the Code of Ethics and Standards for members of the Institute of Careers Guidance. This requires “respect for the privacy of clients, disclosing confidential information only with the clients express consent, except where there is clear evidence of serious risk to the client or the welfare of others”. The Youth Trust also adheres to the requirements of the Data Protection Act, the Human Rights Act the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and other relevant legislation such as the Crime & Disorder Act 1998.

Our organisation is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and compliant with regulation. We are also a full signatory to the Kent & Medway Information Governance Protocols and a member of the Board.

Our staff receive training when they join us and also receive ongoing refresh training to ensure we all use and manage data properly and effectively.

When we do share or receive information, we do so within specific data sharing protocols which again comply with legislation and good practice.


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