We have many different staff that work within MYT in many different roles. Some are based behind the scenes at our Chatham HQ whilst the majority work across the South East. This could be within our local centres in Medway and East Sussex, schools across Kent and Medway and various outreach centres within the local communities. It’s fair to say that we’re everywhere, so it’s important to understand the varied roles and interests of our staff that make MYT what it is.

Amanda Byard - TrustCareers Senior Adviser and Higher Education Lead

I am a fully qualified Careers Adviser and Higher Education Lead. I have enjoyed working with young people for over thirty years.

I will never forget the adults who made a difference to my life, when I was younger. In turn, I have always found it rewarding to be able to help people remove possible and real obstacles - in order to progress and achieve their potential, in life. I try my best to give young people information, advice and help so that they can make the best choices for them, as individuals.

I like hearing young people’s thoughts and opinions: they are refreshing and keep me “thinking outside of my middle aged box”! After all, today’s younger generation are the future.

Outside of work, my interests include Gym, Yoga and Walking: local, high level and long distance. I also enjoy relaxing at home and watching a good film after a tasty meal!

Anna Glascott - Prince's Trust Leader & NCS Leader in Medway

Hi my name is Anna and have been working at MYT since summer 2013. I started out at MYT as an Assistant leader on the NCS programme and have worked my way up to Prince's Trust Team Leader.

My job consists of recruiting and supporting a team of 15 young people through the Princes Trust Team programme, making sure the programme is fun, engaging and the young people on Team are given the opportunity to learn and develop their skills!

I love my job because everyday is different and its so rewarding seeing the young people I work with on team make positive changes in their life!

In my spare time, I enjoy a good shopping trip, exploring new places and chilling at home with my two dogs Mr Pip and Dolly Chops. 

Bridgid Parr - Careers & Enterprise Manager

I have worked for Medway Youth Trust for almost a year as a manager within the post 16 team.  I have been responsible for the management of contracts, staff and the centre to support and progress young people in the Medway area.  My previous experience includes both voluntary and paid employment working with young people for over 25 years.  My last employment post was as Area Manager with Nacro over a wide area and was responsible for ensuring that programmes and delivery met the needs of young people and progressed them into positive outcomes.

I have always loved working with young people supporting them in developing skills and experiences which allow them to make the most of their lives.  There is always a new challenge and I like being able to be part of the solution giving our future generations a helping hand.   I am a mum and nanna and love being involved in all aspects of family life, and when I need to get away from it all - spending time in the sun when I can enjoy reading and seeing new experiences.


Carrieann Darlington - Medway Programme Leader

My name is Carrieann and have worked for Medway Youth Trust for seven and half years now. I was the first volunteer for the organisation which then led me to a full time job. I am currently a Programme Leader for the Medway Programme. I really enjoy working with young people, supporting them to achieve their goals and helping them overcome any barriers they may face.

Catriona Jamieson - Area Director (Kent & Medway)

I feel extremely privileged to work as an Area Director for Kent and Medway at MYT.  There are lots of things that I love about my job, but the biggest motivator is seeing the development, achievement and positive impact on the young people who take part in the programmes and services that MYT offer.  I also love the fact that every day is different at MYT, sometimes I am out and about meeting partners and creating new opportunities and other days I am working closely in the office with my MYT colleagues to support the day-to-day running of things; it is never boring!  Outside of work, I really enjoy playing netball, travelling and looking after my 2 cats.

Dan Todd - Apprenticeship & Employability Coach

Hi, my name is Daniel and I am an Apprenticeship and Employability Coach. As an A&E Coach, my job is to support young people into employment, training or education.

I started as an apprentice in 2014 and became a full-time employee in 2016. I’m a Gillingham resident myself, so I know firsthand how hard it is to find help and answers when you need it. That’s why I’m passionate about what I do.

I’m a music lover! I love going to gigs and playing music too! Feels like I have two full time jobs sometimes!

Dan Vernon - Skills & Employability Adviser in East Sussex

I have been with MYT as an Adviser with the Youth Employability Service since March 2014. Prior to this role I worked for three years as a Careers Adviser at City College Brighton, and as a Connexions Careers/Adviser working in schools, colleges and community bases in East Sussex for thirteen years.

I love working with young people and seeing the potential that is there in everyone; I also feel that it can be a great point in life to take some of the opportunities that are out there. Some of the personal challenges that I have seen young people meet and overcome are inspiring and make this a very rewarding job to be in.

Despite having an optimistic outlook on life and the future I like to counterbalance this with an interest in dour European cinema and literature, post war concrete architecture and traveling to industrial zones of Europe.

Helen Robinson - Impact & Intelligence Officer

I have worked at MY Trust for over nine years, the first four working directly with Young People either in schools or within programmes. I moved role within the organisation and I now manage the database, provide analysis of data and reports to staff as well as ensuring the data we submit is accurate. As I have had experience of working with young people I can empathise and support staff in ensuring the data recorded is of a high quality and can be used to plan for the future for young people in Medway and East Sussex. I enjoy singing and am taking lessons to improve my performance skills, when I come home I enjoy walking my very excitable dog Toby.

Jane Moakes - TrustCareers Adviser

I have been fortunate enough to have worked for Medway Youth Trust since 2009, in which time I have worked, in the IT department, Administrative Department and as a qualified Skills and Employability Adviser in the Chatham Centre, which included my role as housing officer. My current role as a Trust Careers Advisor is working in schools to give careers advice and intensive support. I have enjoyed all my roles and continue to enjoy working with young people, giving support and advice to help with progression.  I previously worked as a Branch Manager at an Estate Agents for many years before having a family. In my spare time I can be found wandering around the shops at Bluewater.


Jo Brett - Skills & Employability Adviser in East Sussex

I have been with MYT’s Youth Employability Service since October 2013.  Prior to this I was with CRI Young People’s Service for a little over 18 months.  My other work experience includes working within the Criminal Justice sector and retail work with M&S and Woolworths.  Working with young people creates a varied and interesting working day and it’s great seeing them achieve things, however small – this makes the challenges of the job worthwhile.

Jody Sharp - NCS Manager

I've worked for Medway Youth Trust for over 7 years, starting initially as a careers adviser in schools, then moving across to the programmes team where I have worked on pretty much all of the programmes we deliver!  More recently I have become the NCS Manager within MYT meaning I am responsible for the planning, recruitment and delivery of the NCS programme in Medway - which is very exciting and I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead!   

I like working for MYT because I think it’s full of passionate people who put their all into helping and supporting young people and I love seeing the difference MYT makes to young people’s lives.  In my spare time I like to play netball, eat pizza and walk my dog Lucy!

Julie Davies - TrustCareers Senior Adviser and CEG Projects Lead in Medway

My role as a Careers Adviser includes individual guidance interviews in schools where I explore education, training and  career choices with pupils.  I also deliver careers education lessons covering  a range of topics from post 16 choices to higher education and apprenticeships.  As “Careers Education Projects Lead” I also help to organise and chair our Careers and Higher Education Association and write a quarterly newsletter to keep schools and partners up to date with careers news.  

Kaye Everhurst - Kent Programme Leader

My name is Kaye Everhurst,  I have worked at MYT since March 2013 and have delivered various programmes in that time including Prince’s Trust, NCS and Medway Programme. I am now the Kent Programme Leader and looking forward to working in a different area. I enjoy working with young people as each day is completely different and it’s amazing seeing the positive changes the young people make. When I’m not busy with work, I’m busy with my beautiful daughter, so I’m constantly on the go but that’s just how I like it!

Kayleigh Mallia - Communications Officer

I have been working for Medway Youth Trust for over 10 years now starting as an Administrative Assistant and then progressing on to my current role, Communications Officer. My job ultimately means that I oversee the marketing and image of Medway Youth Trust and it can be extremely varied from day to day. When I’m not in the office at Chatham, you can usually find me at most MYT events with a heavy SLR camera and camcorder in hand, ready to gather content that can usually be found on the website and our social networking sites. I enjoy the buzz and preparation of an event as you have to be super organised to make this job work.

I am a mum to a gorgeous little boy who likes to keep me on my toes.

Lisa Sharpe - Accounting & Payroll Officer

Hi, I started working at MYT in 2009 as a self-employed bookkeeper, five years later I became employed as the Assistant Accountant. My job has now changed to Accounting and Payroll Officer, as not only do I deal with the finances on a day to day basis, I also have to make sure everyone working for MYT gets paid correctly. I have always enjoyed Maths and problem solving so this is the ideal job for me.  When I am not at work, I am kept very busy by my two sons aged 13 and 11.

Liz Back - NCS Coordinator in Medway
Louise Scott - Senior NCS Coordinator in East Sussex

Travelling is a passion of mine, I love sightseeing and trialling local cuisine. I travelled around South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand for 9 months and on my return back to the UK moved to East Sussex where I started working as an Account Manager for a hair care company.  Four years ago I started volunteering at a Youth club where my interest for working with Young People started. I then got the position as a Project Support worker for Connexions, I did this role for 2 years then progressed into Personal Adviser position, which I have been doing for a year. Since moving to Medway Youth Trust I have started my Level 4 in Careers Information Advice and Guidance and will be taking on the role Co locating with the Care leavers team.

Paul Edgar - Assistant Programme Leader for Prince's Trust and NCS in Medway

I started working at MYT as a seasonal NCS Assistant Leader in summer 2016 and carried on until spring 2017. I am now the full time Assistant Leader for Prince’s Trust and NCS. I feel honoured to work with young people, especially seeing them achieve and progress in life and getting them on the right path to where they want to go. Every day is different but that’s what I like about my job and also getting to meet a variety of young people and backgrounds.

Phil Waite - Skills & Employability Adviser in East Sussex

I have been working in CEIAG since 2003 having worked in schools, colleges and with NEET young people and am qualified at Level 4 in Careers Advice. Prior to starting work for the Youth Employability Service East Sussex in February 2014 I worked for the National Careers Service providing careers advice and guidance to adults.

I have had a varied career path including working as a Chef, telephone engineer, IT technician and care work. I have been a qualified Counsellor since 2001 and have been a volunteer Counsellor/Supervisor/Trainer for Cruse Bereavement Care since 1997.

My role with YES East Sussex is co-locating with the Care Leavers Team and am based in Hastings.

My hobbies include, creative writing, reading, walking, cooking, travel and DIY although my better half would dispute the latter!

Peter Wheatley - Education & Skills Manager

I joined MYT in January 2014 as the Opt-Into Re-Engagement Coordinator.  The main objective of this role is to help young people who may have become disillusioned with education and future opportunities by ‘opting-into’ the opportunities available to them and helping them move onto suitable training/education/volunteering or employment.  I now work in the Skills and Employability Team in Medway supporting 16 to 20 year olds in a similar way on a more one-to-one basis, although I will be running groups in the future. I really enjoy working with young people and helping them to achieve their potential and in the past I have delivered the Team Programme with the Prince’s Trust and worked as a Life Skills Tutor in a supported housing project for young people.

A lot of my spare time is taken up caring for and looking after my 6 year old son. So by day I assist and support young people and by night I transform into a dinosaur/train driver/zoo keeper!!

Rebecca Towner -TrustCareers Senior Adviser

I am a fully qualified Careers Adviser and am currently Assistant Head of Trust Careers. I have enjoyed working with young people for over twenty years either as a practitioner or managing advisers.

I have always found it rewarding to be able to help young people whether it is as a practitioner or on a more strategic level. In my current role I am developing services to schools as well as looking at ways we can improve our knowledge to   ensure our schools continue to deliver or exceed the current careers legislation. 

I have also been a member of the CDI (formally ICG) where I was made a fellow and I currently sit on the Career Development Institute council as the young person’s representative.  

Rod Parr - St Mary's Island Youth Club
Rosy Taylor - TrustCareers Adviser

Ryan Carre - Kent Progamme Assistant Leader

Hi! My name is Ryan and I’ve recently finished my level 2 in Youth work. I have been working with young people for a year now and have enjoyed it a lot. I now work for MYT as the Assistant Programme Leader for the Kent Programme; I am excited to be a part of the organisation and can’t wait to work with the young people on the programme. I am passionate about seeing young people grow and supporting them in any way I can!

I enjoy spending my spare time with my six year old son, who keeps me very busy! I also enjoy playing computer games when I can and taking care of my aquarium.

Samantha Cadey - Skills & Employability Adviser in East Sussex

I have been working as a careers Advisor since 2010 and recently completed my Masters Degree in Careers Guidance.

I really enjoy working with young people and supporting them to achieve their potential. Young people face a difficult time quite often working out what their options are and how to access opportunities and I find it very rewarding being able to support through good and bad times. 

Previously I have worked as an Estate Agent and Mental Health Care Assistant and realised through this that I love helping and working with people.

In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit through circuits and HITT Training and also I like singing and acting on stage when I get the chance to.

Shelley Pletsch - Transition Coordinator in East Sussex

For over 15 years I have supported young people to have their voice heard and make changes for themselves and their communities. This support has ranged from getting skate parks approved in local areas to heading the youth strategy for the Mayor of London’s Well London Project. I have worked around the world with young people from all different backgrounds and countries; learning as much from the young people as they do from me. I believe all people know what is best for themselves and my job is to help young people figure this out and how to get there.

Sheila Heffernan - Youth Work Manager

I started working for MYT on a short term contract as NCS team leader in 2013. I then lived and worked in Sweden for a year  at an International school in Stockholm. I came back to MYT to work as a youth support advisor and to run the newly developed International Social Action programme New Horizons in 2014. I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of working with MYT since, most especially supporting groups of young people deliver social action projects in Colombia in 2015 and Moldova 2016. I am excited to start my new role as Youthwork Manager at MYT continuing to develop unique projects and opportunities that change the lives of young people in Kent and Medway. When I am not at work I love to travel to new places or visit friends and family in Ireland where I am originally from.

Shahana Akthar - Skills & Employability Adviser in East Sussex

I’m Shahana and I started off as a Volunteer and worked as a Youth Support Adviser.  I have then moved in to the role of a Skills and Employability Adviser in East Sussex. I am passionate about working with young people to enhance their skills and achieve the best. I love having a positive impact on young people to see them overcome barriers and gain confidence in their future.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the gym and  playing new sports.  

Simone Miles - CEO

Hi, I'm Simone and I am the CEO for MY Trust, a charity which is focussed on preparing young people for their future. I am an experienced careers professional having joined the careers service in 2001 and I have worked in a range of settings including mainstream and special schools, Further Education colleges and training providers. My current focus is the successful delivery of the range of contracts and programmes for the charity, recognising the challenges facing young people and to bring leadership, drive, supervision and management to all service delivery and the development of overall strategy and planning for the strategy.

Sue Maidens - Me2 Coordinator

My name is Sue.  I am the Me2 Coordinator who has just moved over from Young Kent.  I have been involved with youth work for 14 years and have been part of Young Kent for the last 12 years.  I first discovered my passion for helping young people by running a voluntary youth club in my village for 9 years.  There are many things I love about my job and feel privileged to be part of the incredible journeys the young people have as part of me2.  This is such an impactful programme that can be truly life changing for the young people we work with.  I enjoy working with young people supporting them to achieve their goals and overcome challenges and barriers which they may face.  Every young person is different so my job is never boring!  I am a mother of 3 grown up children the youngest of which has severe learning difficulties so I fully appreciate the challenges life can have living with a disability, not only for the young person, but for the family as well.  Outside of work I enjoy reading an socialising with family and friends.

Terri Williams - HR Officer

I have been employed in my capacity as HR Officer since July 2016.  I am professionally qualified and have worked within the HR profession for the majority of my career both within the public and private sector.

Whilst I enjoy the variety that being within the HR profession brings, no two days are the same, I have a real passion for recruitment, especially in relation to assisting young people into employment and helping them to achieve their goals.  In one of my previous roles I had overall responsibility for Apprenticeships, work experience and Graduate recruitment, working with local schools to give advice and guidance on the recruitment process generally.

I have two sons and two grandsons and enjoy travelling, reading and a good shopping trip.

Virginia Chalk - Skills & Employability Adviser in East Sussex

I love working with young people, helping them to decide on next steps and exploring options to enhance their career and lifeskills.  I have worked over 20 years in the education, training and employment sectors.

Sometimes it can be very challenging but seeing a young person take a small step to make a positive change is very rewarding and the little steps are the building blocks to a great career and lifestyle.

My two passions outside of work are my family and travelling.  I enjoy exploring new countries and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds.