Results Service

10 August 2016

Results Service 2016

The Medway Youth Trust YES Service is providing support for Young People whatever their exam results. Did you not get the grades you were expecting? Did you get better grades then you expected? Have you not made plans yet for your next steps? Contact our Results Service for advice on what's available and support on deciding and applying for your next steps.‘A’ Levels/GCSEs/Entry Level

Jordon is ready on Facebook, on the phone or Advisers are at our Chatham centre who are willing to support you with your next steps whatever your exam results.

Just contact us and speak to one of them

Telephone: 07538740228

Facebook: Jordon Myt (from 1st August until 7th September 2016)

Results Service Opening times

19th August— 24th August


26th August—3rd September



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