'The New Horizons project has been the highlight of my life'

13 December 2017

On 29th November 2017 the New Horizons 2017 team had an opportunity to thank all of their fantastic supporters at their Graduation event. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the success of their 3 week volunteer project in Ghana in Oct/Nov this year. 2 of the graduates Samuel and Alex didn't get an opportunity to speak on this evening ......so here's a few words from them ....on reflection of a life changing experience in Africa.


Samuel, 20

The New New Horizons project has been a highlight of my life. My confidence and general enthusiasm as tripled since Ghana and I couldn't be happier.

The places and scenery we visited were new, beautiful and exciting. The Local people where kind and seemed generally happy to see us. I will never forget the friends and memories I made throughout the trip, if I could do it all again I would in a heartbeat.


Alex, 18

Before new horizons I couldn't get a job and I became depressed this was before my mum told me about the project and I knew that it was a once in a life time thing so I took the opportunity! Since going to Ghana I’ve learned this; never take anything for granted. Now when I watch tv or play on my ps4 I realize how lucky I am. After coming home I now realise I want to go into counselling as a career and as soon as I hit 19 take a counselling course. I want to thank the new horizons project for giving me this opportunity and my family and friends for the support.


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