MYT takes part in the Kent & Medway Business Games 2015

24 July 2015

On Friday 10th July, 3 teams from MYT took part in the first ever Medway Business Games at Strood Leisure Centre run by the Kent Workplace Challenge to try and encourage people to be more active in their working lives. Activities included touch rugby, badminton, sit down volleyball, archery tag, bubble football, Kwik Cricket and an individual challenge event including an egg and spoon race and dry kayaking!

The trash talking started early with Catriona Jamieson not being able to control her competitive streak and posting her winning intentions all over twitter pretty much as soon as she woke up!  As much as it was very competitive between the three teams it was great to see so many people take part and encourage and support one another in all the events.

Sheila Heffernan wins medalA few injuries to report:  Helen Robinson suffered a blister on her thumb when she kayaked to victory over the rest of the women in her team rowing 175m in 60 seconds.  Sheila Heffernan struggled with weak ankles and bruising to her knee after a fantastic try during touch rugby. A few people complained of bruising to their arms after archery – however that didn’t hold us back. 

Special mention must go to Sheila Heffernan, for her fantastic efforts in the egg and spoon race, as she was crowned fastest woman of the day! Well done Sheila! Angie Gillett scored a spectacular goal in the bubble football, under very hot, sweaty and claustrophobic circumstances!

The MYT team, comprising of Helen Robinson, Catriona Jamieson, Jody Sharp, Sheila Heffernan, Angie Gillett, Will Barney, Chris Caruana and Steve Hutson came joint third in the event and the leisure centre nearly lost its roof from the cheers when this was announced.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get a trophy as it went down to the wire and looked at overall points/goals scored, but we shall say we came third none the less!

A big thank you and well done to everyone who took part.


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