Data dashboard innovation

14 February 2014

MYT is six years old and our newness means that unlike many charities we are bound by customs and tradition that hold us back. We focus our energies on achieving impact and outcomes and this means we are willing to innovate and form creative partnerships.

One such partnership is our collaboration with Interworks Ltd to develop data dashboards. We are developing our use of Tableau software to visualise our own data but we have a clear vision of how this technology can create value in other organisations. Our partnership with Interworks is developing and we will be jointly exhibiting at the Public Sector Show later this year.

Graham Clewes, CEO of MYT said

there is no doubt that technology and data needs a much greater role in shaping and delivering public services. Data and analytics is integral to our approach and we have taken the opportunity to review and improve what we have done so far. We’re very excited by the direction we are now taking and more important the impact will have for young people.

We’ll keep you up to date with our progress.


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