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We are raising money for two amazing causes. The first is Darland House, one of the only specialist, residential dementia care units in Medway. They have more than 30 residents, who would otherwise be vulnerable in everyday life. Unfortunately, their professionalism and care is not represented in their garden areas. Our project will involve clearing up these areas, and adding a splash of colour for residents and visitors.

For our second project, we will be working with One Big Family, who offer assistance to the homeless population of Medway. The money we raise will be put towards buying camp beds for One Big Family's shelter, allowing them to reach more homeless people in their time of need.

To fundraise for these causes, we will be holding cake sales and completing a sponsored walk, as well as hosting a quiz night. We would really appreciate any donations to help these fantastic causes in your local community.
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Medway Youth Trust are fundraising.
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