What currency are you paying your volunteers?

06 June 2014

In our most recent Volunteer Impact Report 100% of the volunteers that responded listed that ‘Improving and gaining skills’ was one of the reasons they were volunteering. 84% ‘wanted to give something back’ and 67% held ‘a belief in the cause’ or ‘wanted to be a part of something’.

Volunteer Management in the 21st century is more effective when these considerations are taken into account when developing existing and new roles. The concept of long term volunteering to keep busy and feel useful is still alive and absolutely welcome in the modern volunteer world, but by keeping it as a primary focus there would be a wealth of opportunities missed for potential volunteers and those offering volunteering.

21st century volunteers want to feel that impact quickly. Be it to their skills and knowledge or the satisfaction to be gained. Their time is precious and needs to be utilised accordingly. What you give them back in return will determine if the experience is to be successful for all.

By recognising each individuals specific situation MYT has gained so much through our Volunteering Programme that would not have been possible through paid employment alone. Volunteers bring a uniqueness and perception that isn’t generally found in paid staff. The time that our 21st century volunteers have dedicated has positively affected the diversity of the contracts that we deliver, has had a direct impact on policy and procedures, and has made MYT a more exciting place to be.

A big thank you to all our volunteers. You have all helped to make MYT that much better than it was before you arrived.


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