NCS 2014 - Week One

11 August 2014

Hi I'm Holly, an aspiring journalist who will be working for NCS reporting on recent events involving both the Team Leaders and the young people themselves. I am currently studying for my English, Media and ICT A-Levels at Blackfen Sixth Form. My previous experience in writing, including publishing a monthly article for the NewsShopper, fuelled my interest in applying as a volunteer for MYT over the summer. During the course of my time here I hope to improve my skills further by being able to narrow down my article writing, with the addition of helping/watching the young people progress along the way. Alongside event writing, I am hoping to use my skill of Fluent British Sign Language to narrate some of the videos posted on the NCS website itself.

I am looking forward to getting to know you all a bit more personally throughout my time here.


Week 1

This week I accompanied the Communications Officer at the NCS Induction day at Mid Kent College. The main objective of the day was for the young people to familiarise themselves with both each other and their team leaders. To ease them into the day a series of bonding games we're set up within the college, ranging from discussions of their favourite films, food and places to later collaborating their efforts into building timed giraffe structures.

The general feeling altered as the day progressed, starting with a reserved and silent atmosphere; later dissolving into an aggregation of laughs and excitement as they discussed their upcoming trip to The Isle of Wight.  Along with the atmosphere, I noticed how the young people got comfortable around each other throughout the day. There was an initial divide in friendship groups within each team, which later dispersed and saw them all mixing with one another.

Additionally to the games, the young people were asked to write both one hope and one fear about NCS. This encouraged them to feel as if they were not alone. They found that most of them had similar hopes and fears to one another.

Once the bonding had eventuated, the children then focused on their trip specifically. Each team came up with a group contract including: working as a team, including and respecting each other, no bullying etc. and proposing that 'no question is a silly question.'

In my opinion the day was a great success as I could see by the contrast of the tense faces that walked into the college and the warm ones that walked back out.

Reported by Holly Whipps.


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