NCS 2014 - Week 3

12 August 2014

Week3: Medway Charity Fete

Today (Tuesday 5th August) was the MYT and NCS Medway Charity Fete day at Fort Amherst, which I attended as the photographer.

Everyone involved had their designated roles, whether it be face-painter, henna tattooist or choir singer. Additionally to the endless activities that the day donated, many local charities set up their stalls to promote themselves and encourage the young people's involvement.

The 8 NCS teams were attending the event to talk to the local charities and find out as much about them as they could to see what support they could offer in terms of a social action project. It was also a good opportunity for the young people to speak to the organisations about any ongoing volunteering opportunities they could do after the NCS programme has finished.  There was lots of interest generated – particularly for organisations such as the Air Ambulance, KASBAH and Strood community project.  Prior to the young people's arrival, the MYT team pulled together to transform the empty field into an alluring, thriving series of events.


As the drop off bus rolled up, the animated faces of the NCS team members began to assemble, many beginning their day by the face-paint stall. The transformed butterflies and Spider-Men then flooded to the henna tattooist, which allowed them even more body art. Once they had enjoyed their leisure, they were then educated by the stalls of charities, and even given goodie bags.

Throughout the day there was a soothing buzz of indie music as the band, Visitor, projected their voices about the field. After lunch, the buzz transmogrified into a lively ensemble of soul singing from St Marks Gospel Choir, heightening the spirits further.


The Mayor even paid a visit to the event, meeting with the young people personally and experiencing the Fete for himself.

All-in all the day was a great success which not only informed and educated the young people, but also allowed their bond to the Community to further grow through the stimulating activities of the Fete.

More pictures of the event can be found on our Facebook page.


Reported by Holly Whipps.


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