Opt Into team take part in song writing workshop

18 March 2014

During the Opt Into programme we held two workshops with the young people; the aim for these workshops was to create a song.

We used the first workshop to create the lyrics for the song. I had gathered two lists of negative and positive words, The young people each selected 5 words which they could relate to, the negative words being about how they feel about themselves now, what others may have done to impact their life, what this wish they could change etc, and the positive words concentrating on what they would like to change about themselves or lives and how they wish society would view them. Following on from this the young people explained why they selected those words.

With the words they had decide on we then thought of a structure for the song, this involves how they wish to lay the song out, the young people decided on:-

  • Verse 1 – Negative
  • Chorus
  • Verse 2 – Positive
  • Chorus
  • Verse 3 – Positive
  • Break
  • Chorus x2           

Using this template the young people used their words and created short stories, paragraphs or sentences about how the words impact their life and had a general discussion about how they wanted to develop this work into a song.


The following week we was joined by ‘Annemarie Quinn and Andy Lines’, Annemarie is a musician and using her talent she worked alongside the young people to create this into a song. Check out the 'making of' video at the top of the page. We used their paragraphs, sentences or stories and wrote them all up on larger paper, from this the group pieced together a song, Annemarie played a melody to which the young people sung on the chorus. After a few times of rehearsing the young people felt ready to show their work to others whilst being recorded.


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