New Horizons4:Residential Day 1

29 July 2015

Even operation stack couldn’t delay this group of smiling, New Horizons backpackers as we rolled into our Kingswood residential destination right on time despite predicted delays on a choccabloc motorway!!! Medway Youth Trust staff saw us off with a very thoughtful leaving committee wishing us luck and waving the Colombian flag….New Horizons is feeling very real and very special now as we begin to realise that soon we will be packing our bags again but next time we will be on our way to even bigger and more exciting places. The New Horizons team are feeling like a proper team now; we have an awesome logo board in tow for everything we do while on residential thanks to the very kind people at Stewart Signs UK who printed one for us for FREE. We also have our ICYE t-Shirts fresh from the printers with the New Horizons logo brandished on the back. You can expect to see our logo everywhere now…especially as our Media and Marketing team are on a mission to kick our online presence up a gear with lots of photos, videos and posts coming online over the next week.

Our first day (or technically half a day) at residential was a great one. The accommodation is comfortable, the staff are friendly and we can’t wait to get stuck into our activities tomorrow. Our Kingswood rep Teala is looking after us well and this evening we were kept entertained with a quiz in a Court room. The group are happy and demonstrating the most outstanding positive attitudes I have ever seen in a group at a residential….there’s not a single moaner among them and it is a pleasure to work with them. Fencing first thing tomorrow and Colombian info/presentation session in the evening. Bring on the ‘morrow.


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