New Horizons- Day One

05 June 2015

.........It already feels like this group is a team already! We talked about what it means to be young person, how people perceive young people, and what the tag of a vulnerable young person means to or impacts on participants on the New Horizons programme. We discussed what New Horizons is and how we want to make a change. We brainstormed different fundraising ideas; community fundraising ideas, individual fundraising ideas and how we could put together some sponsorship pitches to big businesses and grant providers!! Every single group member had positive input in some way and it made me feel like this group is really going to do something special with the New Horizons opportunity. It wasnt all hard work- we drank tea, ate biscuits and jumped up and down on some innocent balloons. New Horizons is out of the starting blocks and ready to roar!


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