New Horizons -Bradley Limbachia

28 September 2015

My name is Bradley Limbachia, I am 17 years old and studied Performing Arts and drama in school and I am now studying Technical Theatre in college. I am taking part in an international social action project called New Horizons which is being lead by Sheila at Medway Youth Trust. This programme takes me and 10 other young people from Medway to a developing country so that we can make a difference to their lives. The reason I joined this programme was to learn skills, meet new people and gain experience of other cultures and the differences and similarities between my normal day and normal days in another culture. So far I have met some amazing new people and made good friends. We all clicked straight away when we met and we all get along so well as a team and we are all very supportive of each other and what we do.


For the last few months we have been fundraising like mad to make up our total of £22,400 which will pay for our flights and accommodation. So far personally I have raised £207.33, if you would like to donate to my personal target please go to


All the participants agreed that a personal target of £300-£500 would be fair as then we are all doing our parts. Before we started to fundraise we went on a 4 day UK residential to a Kingswood centre where did things such as abseiling, rock climbing and balance beams. Almost everyone overcame fears by working together as a team and helping each other through each challenge. Our fundraising has included things such as car washes, cake sales, quiz nights, taking part in the Dragon Boat Race, an ongoing raffle which is £2 a ticket. The prizes available in our raffle include, West End Tickets to see War Horse, Adventure Island Tickets and a Bottle of champagne worth £30, we have also been doing individual fundraisers such as sponsored runs, walks and swims. We made lunch for another social action programme called NCS where all the participants paid £2 for a lunch of a sandwich, bag of crisps and drinks. So far we have raised £14,850 and we still need help to raise more.


We are all very excited to go abroad and make a difference to people’s lives by helping them with their daily routines, we have already planned to go to a coffee farm where we will be doing tasks for the owners and alongside this we will be learning what their daily routine is compared to ours. We will also be going to a dairy farm and to a local school to speak to them about their lives and to teach some English to them. While over there we will have a short Spanish lesson every day, as this is the most commonly spoken language in Colombia. This wouldn’t of been possible if it hadn’t of been advertised to me through school. Medway Youth Trust have delivered NCS which I have taken part in last year and it was such a good experience where I met new friends and had fun helping others and when I heard that Medway Youth Trust was doing an International Social Action Project I knew I wanted to be a part of it because of how good NCS was and how welcoming all the staff were. They are very supportive in what we’re doing and they are helping so much in fundraising for us. Sheila Heffernan (Programme Leader), Jody Sharp, Cat Jamieson, Andy, Helen, David and Vera took part in the 3 Peak Challenge, scaling 3 mountains in the space of 12 hours all in honour of the New Horizons Participants. All the staff and participants are doing their best to raise the other half of our target however we still need donations, if you would like to donate to New Horizons and help us reach our goal to be able to finish our project we would be very grateful and you can do so by going to


Thank you for reading,


Bradley Limbachia


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