New Horizons 8- The Sandwiches!

09 August 2015

……it all started with a cunning plan put to us by Catriona Jamieson- that we would make lunch for all of Medway Youth Trust’s, NCS participants and staff who were attending the Medway Youth Trust Charity fete on Millennium green in Luton. And so it was agreed that for this culinary delight we (New Horizons) would receive £2 per head  ….simple as that!! The money was as good as banked….all we had to do was make the sandwiches.

At 9:30 am Ruby Jackson was at MYT, she had already pre-organised all the food shopping with the kind help of our very own Elaine Watson (Muchas gracias Elaine!!) and was ready to get the ball rolling on the sandwich front. Shortly afterwards Colby, James, Leigh-Ann, Jacob and Bradley turned up and the kitchen was staffed!! The bread was buttered at a leisurely pace…after all we didn’t want our sandwiches made too far in advance of the serving time. Only the best for our customers we yelled happily as we set to work. All was well until we realised that time was ticking on and we had over 150 mouths to feed and nothing but buttered bread to feed ‘em with. The music was cranked up, the packets of cheese and ham were ripped open and everyone stayed calm, happy and productive. Everyone apart from me, who, as team leader, felt the most productive way to get the job done was to keep moving sandwiches from one platter to another, while repeatedly counting them and then losing count of what I was counting over and over again. When I stopped counting I would shout ‘more cheese sandwiches ‘ or something akin…usually to find that there was plenty of cheese sandwiches already made but I was too busy counting myself into circles to know onto which platter they should go.  All in all the New Horizons team did an excellent job and as usual they just do what they do with the most positive and fun attitude I have ever seen in a group. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the NCS participants and staff members who waited patiently for their lunch to show up on the day and most of whom were very kind in telling us that the sandwiches were indeed very tasty. Apologies to the two NCS teams who missed out as they had to go back to MKC before the sandwiches arrived and thank you to Jody who ferried the aforementioned sandwiches over to them in her car. We did end up with two platters of sandwiches left over and these were dropped off at our nearest local homelessness support centre to ensure as little food as possible was wasted.

Well done New Horizons!

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