New Horizons 5 - Residential Day 2

30 July 2015

.....After a hearty breakfast we embarked on our first activity - fencing, “en garde”. We were all surprised by how much energy was required and after a few duels, were completely exhausted. Except for our two musketeers Morgan and Bill who upgraded their plastic foils for professional metals ones in the last battle. Thank you to Shannon Waters for the brilliant film footage (coming soon!).

Next we took on the climbing tower - where Leigh-Ann made Kingswood history by taking the first selfie (using a selfie stick) from the very top! A big shout out to Ruby who pushed herself and exceeded her expectations and Bradley for putting the New Horizons mark on the tower by climbing up wearing the Colombian flag! James and the Media team now have some brilliant content to share with you. 

The afternoon kicked off with the infamous “High Equilibrium” -this involves two people climbing up a very high tower, maneuvering themselves onto a giant see saw and standing up to balance this (definitely not for anyone scared of heights) and then jumping off. The camaraderie of the New Horizons team was incredible and everyone’s support and encouragement certainly helped people reach the top and overcome their fears - Shannon Russell and Taz particularly displayed awesome courage completing the exercise. Archery tested our hand eye coordination skills - Jordan showed particular expertise and was even able to advise our New Horizons International Youth Development Worker how she could improve her technique.

This evening the New Horizons participants treated the group to an array of excellent presentations, quizzes and even a Spanish lesson to teach us about Colombian culture! 

Jacob shared tips on Colombian Etiquette, Colby 50 “mind blowing facts” about the country (cheese dipped in hot chocolate is a delicacy!) and Joe gave us the down-low on Colombian football - their national sport.

This trip is proving an incredible opportunity for the New Horizons group to bond and get to know one another before Colombia! Everyone is showing brilliant team spirit which has been recognised by the Kingswood staff and we can’t wait until tomorrow. 


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