New Horizons 11 -Bill Page

14 September 2015
Hello My name is Bill and I'm part of the New Horizons Programme trying to fundraise money to go on a once in a life time trip to Colombia to help in any way we can. So far we have done a sponsored boat race -it was in the rain but we don't give up that easily. We have also done a bag packing at Asda and a sponsored walk from Strood to Rainham, car washes and cake sales. We are also taking part in workshops through-out the year. This programme has been great so far and we have gained many skills for personal development like team working, fundraising and confidence. Personally it has given me the confidence to approach businesses and a better understanding of travel and travel laws.
I think that the trip itself will give me a better understanding of how people live their lives abroad and so I will become a more open minded individual. It will be an achievement to put on my CV and talk about in interviews. I will also get independence skills (living away from home) and Spanish skills. This is an amazing experience and it keeps getting better! A big Thanks to all of our supporters.

To support Bill and the New Horizons team...please follow this link

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