New Horizons 9-From a participants perspective

15 August 2015

On the 8th of August the New Horizons team took to bag packing in Chatham's Asda. The New Horizons team came as a team of 10, unfortunately we had some people unable to attend due to prior commitments or sickness; the New Horizons team is very close knit and we value them greatly but we didn't let their absence dampen our spirits and remained optimistic about the day ahead of us. Ready for our bag packing day the energetic, enthusiastic and excited New Horizons team quickly got into the action after the collection buckets were prepared. They began to pack customers shopping with big smiles and welcoming chit chat.    

The staff were extremely inviting and seemed to enjoy having us at the end of their checkouts making customers feel welcome. When the New Horizons team were not so busy during quiet hours of the day they spoke to the checkout staff about who we are and what we are doing. Many seemed intrigued and displayed interest when we explained what our cause is all about. 

We had 4 members of the New Horizons group stationed in the entrance of the store greeting customers as they entered the store. They set up a display using the Colombian flag and the New Horizons board that has accompanied them along their journey so far to raise awareness of our presence within the store.

I personally really enjoyed interacting with the community and gaining awareness for our project. I spent half the day bag packing and the other half in the entrance. It was good interacting and socialising with local people and the New Horizons team sharing laughs along the way whilst getting our project awareness known and gaining donations. It was good to see people's smiling faces after we had told them about us and our project or after we had packed their bags. 

The generous people of Chatham helped us gain £331.31 towards our total target. This has been one of our main group events and it was nice to see the team come together and get stuck in. I hope Asda enjoyed having us; we certainly enjoyed being there. This has made everyone more excited for the future endeavours that will take place. 

 I was informed yesterday that we had a major donation that took us to a quarter of our overall target so I would like to thank Chatham Maritime Trust for their donation of £3,000. I would also like to thank Norma and Laura who secured this donation for the New Horizons team. So far our current fund stands at £6,397,10. We still have a long way to go so if you would like to help please donate; follow this link:

Thanks for reading - Jordan 


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