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03 November 2015

For the past two days I have joined the NSC groups with their 16 hours NCS Extra hours. On the first day we went to Fort Amherst and the second day we worked at the Medway Youth Trust in Chatham.

Tuesday 27th October 2015 I and NCS groups went to Fort Amherst to help clear a wall and pathway for a new section of Fort Amherst which they ae going to restore and open up to the public. I went along with a camera to photograph the process of clearing the pathway and wall by taking before and after shoots and also photos of the NCS groups clearing all the ivy the leaves from the wall, I also help with clearing the wall and putting the cut down ivy into back bags.  The path way we was clearing was called the Officers walkway, which back when officers where living there they would take their lady partners there for a midnight stroll. When clearing, Luke from group 1 of NCS found an old glass milk bottle which has a cow on it and word which was ‘Hollier’, we have predicted that the milk bottle is about 60 years old.

We started clearing at 10am and finished at 2:30pm, we cleared so much, about 20 black bags filled with ivy, leaves and branches. By the time he had finished a lot of the wall was cleared of ivy and leaves and we also managed to find a part of the pathway and also recovered the two steps up to the walk way. It was great to watch the process of the wall being covered in ivy at the beginning to the end being cleared of it all, but there is still a lot to be done there.


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