Black History Month African Life Project

11 October 2014

On Saturday 11th October, a few young people and I attended the Black History Month African Life Project, an event which celebrated black heritage with music, drumming, arts and crafts.  Presentations took place that aimed to bring young people and others in the community closer to African art and culture by giving them the opportunity to touch, use and inter-act with ceremonial art forms.

After drumming, taking part in some dancing; listening to poems, singing and storytelling I felt honoured to be there and closer to the African community.  I learnt that storytelling in Africa has an important event since the beginning of time.  Through storytelling, questions has been answered, history has been conveyed and lifelong lessons are taught.  The story we was told was interactive and we were all given a chance to join in by shouting out repeated lines. Through this participation I thoroughly felt a part of the African community.


Emma Finnegan – Volunteer Equality & Diversity Lead


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